Network Engineer New Hire Curriculum

The network engineering organization had a program initiative to hire and orient new talent, especially recent graduates. As sole instructional designer, I worked with the new hire program leads to identify existing courses to build a corresponding 9-course curriculum and identify content gaps requiring creation of new courses.

We identified three “Introduction to the Network” courses to be created, incorporating both repurposed and new video content. The first course, produced in close collaboration with the company’s corporate archivists, focused on historical technical evolution, Wireline, and Wireless. To write and validate course content, I interviewed subject matter experts up to Assistant Vice President levels.

The “Introduction” courses were primarily video-based, sequenced with Storyline interactions, quiz questions, and textual and visual content in an Articulate Rise course. The new courses were so well-received, they were promoted for adoption for new-hire orientation in other areas of the company.