"Circuit Emulation Concepts" Course

From credit card readers to corporate and government office landlines, wireline phone networks are still very active in the 2020s. Circuit Emulation is a technology to migrate wireline signal traffic from problematic legacy hardware to a modern and more cost-effective Ethernet/IP-based technology.

I was tasked with creating the course that explained to a highly technical engineering audience the need for and deployment of the new tech relative to the existing network. Informed by the team of engineers testing and preparing the technology for active deployment, I wrote all lesson content and video scripts and created all associated graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. To clearly and succinctly convey an abundance of related abstract concepts in an accessible way, I designed an extensive, interrelated system of diagram components for integrated use across multiple animated videos, interactions, and readable text.

Because of the scale and complexity of the content to be animated, I partnered with a team of After Effects animators from the company’s internal Learning & Development Media Productions team to launch the course within the timeline of the launch of the tech. Importing my layered Illustrator files into After Effects and working from my scripts and storyboards, the team created nearly 20 minutes of exceptionally complex footage for seamless integration into the broader course in Articulate Rise.