Business Continuity Team Video

From active shooters to hurricanes, a nationwide team of dedicated and part-time members ready to respond 24/7 to both natural and man-made events that disrupt service. The team wanted a short-form video to promote awareness to the rest of the company of the team’s role, and also serve as initial orientation for new team members.

The team expressly wanted to communicate some potentially serious and dryly administrative content in an attractively quirky and fun way. My nutty and well-received solution was to present the content as an over-the-top, extended “movie trailer,” presenting the Responders as an elite team of specialist heroes. I performed all scriptwriting/storyboarding, narration recording/editing, graphics creation, After Effects animation/video compositing, and Premiere editing.

Created during the pandemic, I partnered with an internal Learning and Development Media Productions team to coordinate collecting original footage shot remotely by different employees within Media Productions with themselves and family members as on-screen talent.